1. How does this work? 

We send out a team, a family of 2-5 people, traveling in a motor home with a trailer filled with equipment, sound, lighting, props, special effects, dual screens & everything they will need to do a ministry outreach.  They can stay right in your church parking lot (if the weather permits), providing water and electrical hook up is available.

2. What is the cost?

Detail below includes the travel to and from your church.

Budget Options:

Peak Season: February - May & August - November $4,450.00
Off Season: June - July & December - January $3,650.00

a. Meal expenses and accommodations are required for the ministry team.  Weather permitting, accommodations would include a parking site for a motor home with electrical and water hookup.  (Most of our motor homes require a 50-amp connection but can step down to a 30- amp)

If possible:  It would be a great help to our Team Directors if the Church could make a vehicle (e.g. Church van or otherwise) available to eliminate the necessity of unhooking their motor home.

b. Advertising:  The most successful form of promotion is the FREE entry ticket.  Templates are available for multiple advertising products.  Contact our office for more information. 

(If finances are a concern, please feel free to contact our Scheduling Department.)

3. How can we raise funds for this event?

It is recommended that you take up offerings, in advance, as well as an offering each night of the ministry outreach. These funds will go to your Church to offset your expenses, with the budget payable upon the final presentation on Tuesday evening. 

a. When you do this, your people have an investment in the outreach and their interest is stirred before the ministry outreach even begins. 

EXAMPLE:  Challenge 100 people to designate $40.00 above tithes or challenge 100 people to commit $1.00 a week for 40 weeks.

b. Involve your people in prayer concerning the finance of the coming outreach. (What they pray for, they will respond to.)

c. Divide the budget month the various outreaches of your church.

d. Set aside finance for evangelism in your Church budget.

e. Invite other churches to be a part of your outreach, allowing for a division of expenses and a unification among your community.

f. Consider asking local businesses to help sponsor the outreach.

4. How many volunteers do we need and should we pre-select the cast?

The team will arrive on the Thursday/Friday prior to your first presentation. They will meet with your volunteers on Friday evening & will hold auditions.  Approximately 30-50 people are needed, of which about 21+ are speaking parts. They should be a minimum of 14 years of age. The more mature the cast, the better the production.  Please see page 6 of our Information Handbook on our Information page.

5. How long do our people need to commit for?

Your volunteers should be able to commit from Friday evening until Tuesday night. Our directors and your volunteers will meet on Friday, start set-up and spend time in prayer together.  Casting for parts will be Friday night and Saturday morning.  All volunteers will need to be at the Church all day Saturday, during which a lunch should be provided.

Sunday, after your morning service, lunch will again need to be provided by the Church prior to dress rehearsal.  A snack will be needed before the Sunday evening presentation.  The Ministry outreaches generally run Sunday through Tuesday evenings. 

Please note:  The drama runs for just over an hour. Please allow for 1 1/2 hours for the entire evening which includes the opening and the altar call. 

6. Can we still have Sunday morning service in the sanctuary?

Absolutely!  The set will be up and it's great advertising for the evening presentation.  You can bring musical instruments on the platform for worship. 

7. What if we need to cancel?

If a cancellation were necessary, we would appreciate four months notice in order that we may re-book the date.  The $400.00 deposit paid at the time of confirmation will be forfeited.

8. What do we need for sound and lighting electrical hookup?

Each team is equipped with LED lights, so we will utilize regular electrical outlets. 

9. What is recommended for follow-up?

The most important aspect of hosting a drama is a strong FOLLOW-UP program.  We have found through the drama, the results are tremendous.  However, the follow up can be weak.  We strongly believe in and support implementing a discipleship program.  Alongside the drama, it has resulted in keeping 80% of those that come forward, continuing in the faith and in Church attendance. 

10.  What is required in advance for stage set-up?

VERY IMPORTANT!! It is necessary to have your stage cleared before Friday afternoon.  This includes mics, music stands, pianos, etc.  As well, the stairs need to be built and/or assembled prior to the team's arrival.  

*stairs are recommended, however, they are not mandatory.